IPH block*rings

In IPH*System, blockchains are in fact rings ...

Our Ledger is a set of cryptographic hashes (representing blocks) organized in a loop rather than linear chain.

  1. Each block point to its immediate chronological ancestor block,
  2. except the first one which point to top of the chain (last known block) therefore making the chain a ring.

The block*Ringâ„¢ is secure by a proof-of-work only done once at the creation of the first block. as the hash of the genesis block needs to match the mutable pointer.

Every block are immutable, this means be change without breaking its security hash the only operation allowed is to insert block at the top of the ring as this Genesis block is the only one which contains a mutable pointer.

The Genesis block is slightly different in a sens that it hash is not immutable by cryptomorphic i.e. it evolves with the status of the block*ring.

data_i = payload)||pub(top-hash_i) cipher_i = enc(priv(top-hash_i),data_i)

verif = dec(pub(top-hash_i),cipher_i) == payload||pub(top-hash_i)

data_i+1 = enc(priv(top-hash_i+1),data_i);

This gives you the immediate proof of chain integrity and also gives the realtime status of the blockring

Genesis block is signed by bots who maintain the ring.